More Visitors, More Problems

New baby has arrived how exciting, everyone is dying to meet him, but why is it such a crime to say NO, I’m not ready?!
I didn’t/don’t want a lot people in an out, I am enjoying my new family of four. Frankly, I don’t want to share them, I shouldn’t have too and I’m not going too 🙂 This clearly offends people, and Erika Jayne says it best… Go be offended with your own life 🙂
My husband came home the other day after listening to a podcast and goes you know what people’s problem is they can’t just learn to except NO, they feel they deserve an explanation. If you tell someone yes they don’t question you, they question no. Learn to understand no and accept it. I thought gee this is so fitting for the current status quo.
We just had a new addition, Kai is a new big brother, my biggest concern is his transition. Making sure Mommy and Daddy shower him with the same amount of love so he doesn’t feel any different. That transition def wasn’t a problem, that’s his baby and he’s the only one allowed to kiss him. Melts my heart.
It is nothing personal against anyone, but people make all the isssh personal. You can’t be afraid to say what you feel, it’s all about the delivery. You feel me?
Let me also add in, Kai has woken up 3 times in 3 weeks with the stomach bug! 39 weeks pregnant hugging ceramic, while it hits both him and my husband. Fast forward a 2 day old and 2 year old with a stomach bug and then again when Kash was 2 weeks old with a stomach bug. Moms, I know you just got a lil stressed reading that last sentence. Spreads like wildfire. (Side note, pediatrician said totally not uncommon for it to reoccur at his age, who knew?!) UGH! So now I’m paranoid, I’ll keep my bubble that I completely sanitized and you keep your germs.
I am not sure why people can’t understand and keep pressing but, It’s okay to say no and if someone gets upset that’s okay too. Go with what you are comfortable with, some people have freaking parties in the delivery room and love all the people. Me, I’ll send you an invitation to his kindergarten graduation, that should be enough time to keep him to myse

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  1. This is so true and sooo relatable! It is NOT a crime to say no! It’s your life and you know what’s best for you and your beautiful babies!❤️

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